Training Courses

Understanding what climate change means for your organization is the first step on your resilience journey.

We offer public training courses and customized workshops to help our clients understand climate impacts on their industry, raise awareness, and build momentum. Our workshops are designed for executives, sustainability and risk professionals, as well as managers with operational responsibility in facility management, supply chain, and distribution.

Climate War Games


Business wargames are a well-established tools to help organizations think through risks and opportunities in a context of high uncertainty. Four Twenty Seven has developed a first-of-its-kind Climate Wargame to help companies grasp the complexity of decision-making under uncertainty and try their hand at building a portfolio of adaptation measures to mitigate their short term and long term risk.
We offer Climate Wargame as a learning tool in public workshops with a participants from a broad range of organizations and background, or as a customized tools with scenarios and risk profiles reflecting our clients’ key activities and value chain.
Climate Wargame can be used as an awareness-raising tool for company executives, as a coalition-building tool with mid-level managers, and as an external stakeholder engagement tool to assess risks and vulnerabilities in a community.

Climate Risk & Resilience 101


Four Twenty Seven offers seminars on climate risk management where participants learn about local and global climate impacts and most exposed sectors, tools to identify risks and opportunities across the value chain, and best practices for reporting climate risks.

Examples of customized workshops we have run for clients include:

  • Climate Change Risk for the Maritime Industry
  • Opportunities in Climate Adaptation in the Financial Sector
  • Understanding Climate Change Impacts on the Global Supply Chain

Curious? Sample our work by listening to our webinar on Tools and Concepts to Manage Climate Risks in the Supply Chain in our Knowledge Hub.



Climate Change Officers Bootcamps ™

The CCO Certification ™ program from the Association of Climate Change Officers trains and certifies professionals who have developed a satisfactory capacity to assess the implications of climate change for their organization in the context of their job functions.
Four Twenty Seven is a training partner for climate-risk related Bootcamps, and contributes to two key bootcamps:

  • Supply Chain-101: Introduction to Assessing Climate Related Risks in the Supply Chain
  • Enterprise-201: Analyzing & Quantifying Climate Risk, Assessing Materiality & Disclosing Climate Risk


Contact Emilie Mazzacurati to inquire about upcoming training courses or to arrange a private workshop.

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