Supply Chain Climate Risk Management

Identify climate risk hotspots and take action

Screenshot_SCCRMCorporations with complex, global supply chains are increasingly affected by extreme weather events that disrupt their supplier network, halt operations, and cost money in lost production and sales. Using our award-winning application, large corporations can now quickly map and quantify global supply chain risks due to climate change.
Implemented in 90 days or less, the Supply Chain Climate Risk application models all the goods and services that are hidden deep in a company’s supply chain and quantifies the risks associated with key commodities and producer countries.



  • Avoid costly losses due to unexpected business disruptions
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with pro-active supply chain risk assessment
  • Identify key drivers of risk and develop robust risk mitigation strategies
  • Fine-tune your sourcing strategy by comparing the relative exposure of key commodities and producer countries
  • Seamlessly integrate climate change considerations into existing supply chain risk management



  • Fully customizable and interactive dashboard for hotspot visualization, report building and easy data filtering
  • A comprehensive report with recommendations for next steps
  • In-person workshop to present key findings and discuss recommendations
  • Hotline – call our climate risk analysts with questions!



Climate-induced disruptions are often hidden deep in a supplier network, undetectable through traditional questionnaires, interviews. Our proprietary methodology provides an intuitive breakdown of the different types of risk exacerbated by climate change. We compare the relative exposure and sensitivity of key commodities and producer countries to identify hotspots.

  • We model your supply chain using hybrid multi-regional input-output and life cycle analysis models to map supplier locations and identify key industries
  • We assess location and industry risks, taking stock of extreme weather events, water availability, and energy demand requirements over time
  • We identify hotspots and develop high-level recommendations to increase your supply chain’s resilience to climate impacts


Our Supply Chain Climate Risk Application is best suited to corporations with complex, global supply chains, such as consumer products, electronics, automotive and other manufacturing. It is also particularly helpful for products and supply chain highly dependent on natural resources, including food and beverage, extractive industries, and energy.

Our partners

To bring this application to you, we have partnered with two exceptional organizations:

Climate Earth models the environmental impacts from the network of industries, countries, and commodities that make up a corporation’s supply chain.

ND-GAINlogoThe country risk analysis utilizes indicators from the University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN). ND-GAIN provides unparalleled insights into a country’s vulnerability to climate change and other global challenges in combination with its readiness to improve resilience.

We have the tools to help you manage your climate change exposure

Our award-winner application is a first foray into delivering climate intelligence for corporate leaders to support business resilience. Our offering brings together big data technology, world-class climate data and business impact expertise that can be applied to your specific climate change related-issues.

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