Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation Planning

Flooded streets, dark buildings, fallow fields, burning forests. The images of cities, communities, and regions facing climate-related challenges beyond the imagining of yesterday’s mayors and Governors is becoming common, and today’s leaders are rightly asking: what about our community? Are we ready?flooding-imminent-300x180

Four Twenty Seven works with local government, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations to perform climate vulnerability assessment, develop climate adaptation plans, craft policy proposals, and build educational and outreach tools on climate change.

Vulnerability Assessment

Traditionally, climate-related risks on communities and organizations are often evaluated through a restrictive, engineering-focused approach. In contrast, our approach integrates the three dimensions of sustainability – economy, populations and environment – in the specific climate and non-climate related context (institutional, market, regulatory, etc.) of your community. Our approach provides a more holistic and accurate assessment of both short and long term climate impacts.

Key benefits of our vulnerability assessment:

  • Detect underpinning factors that exacerbate negative climate impacts on the economy, populations, and ecosystems;
  • Identify potential levers and opportunities to enhance resilience;
  • Integrated and collaborative approach favoring stakeholders’ involvement;
  • Development of institutional knowledge and processes to create climate adaptation strategies and action plans;
  • A socioeconomic approach to justify and legitimize taking action on adaptation.

Decision-Making Support

We offer best-in-class decision-making tools to assess climate change adaptation challenges and opportunities
Cost of inaction: We perform monetary evaluations of net costs of inaction to monetize any social, economic and environmental effects of climate change. This widely understood language helps to justify the need for further investment on climate change adaptation. We also provide evaluations of climate change impacts on GDP and employment.
Impact chains and sensitivity matrices: We identify and weigh impacts to help prioritize the most important actions for climate change adaptation.
Adaptation pathways: We design flexible pathways that incorporate future climate risk and adaptation options into today’s decision making.
Cost-benefit analysis: We provide detailed cost-benefit analysis to help prioritize measures for climate change adaptation.
Mainstreaming climate change adaptation: We help cities take climate considerations into account in their entire decision-making processes: land planning, regulation, financing activities, etc.
Monitoring and evaluation frameworks: We provide evaluation support to capitalize on lessons learned and allow for necessary adjustments in climate change adaptation strategies and action plans over time.

The Building Blocks of Climate Adaptation Planning


Policy and Solutions

We develop policy proposals and adaptation plans based on best practices around the world and in the U.S. and support their implementation from start to finish.
Climate adaptation plan: We prioritize and integrate the most cost-effective adaptation measures into a workable plan of action.
Adaptation funding: We identify possible sources of funding through our knowledge of ongoing Federal and California climate initiatives. We also develop ways to leverage financing from the private sector through various forms of public private partnerships.

Education and Outreach

As climate change rises on the agenda of public authorities, governments and non-profit organizations seek to offer educational tools to help raise awareness and foster preparedness in their communities.
Community Engagement: Four Twenty Seven’s climate experts and educators have developed unique materials on how climate change will impact local communities, businesses and populations in California and across North America. We provide graphics, messages, and outreach tools to engage with key stakeholders and raise awareness within your community. Our interactive workshops are tailored to the target audience to help them understand their exposure, discuss what or who might be most vulnerable to climate impacts, and collaboratively develop solutions for resilient communities.
Interactive Tools: Four Twenty Seven combines the skills of climate change experts, communication specialists, and state-of-the-art app developers to develop user-friendly and interactive educational tools targeted to your audience or constituency.

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