Together we can build resilience

Climate change is too complex a problem to be solved alone – we embrace and seek strategic partnerships to leverage resources, engage diverse stakeholders, and craft solutions that address specific adaptation challenges.

Our partnerships illustrate the complexity of the problems that we tackle as well as the depth of the work that we do. Whether developing original research or collaborating to deliver innovative analytics to our clients, we work closely with partners to strategically integrate our offerings and bring unique value to our clients.

Commercial Partnerships and Client Work

We team with other consulting firms to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our partners benefit from our track record of success as well as a team entirely dedicated to climate resilience.
We also work with industry associations and advocacy groups to identify common goals and bring innovation to specific sectors through grant-funded research and development.

Recent Projects

Research Partnerships

We partner with leading research institutions and think tanks to contribute to advancing the body of knowledge on climate adaptation. Our research focuses specifically on business climate risk, cross-sector collaboration, financing adaptation, and identifying successful metrics for resilience.

Recent Publications

  • Heat & Social Inequity in the U.S., the application we developed through our commitment to the White House Climate Data Initiative
  • 2015 Annual Corporate Adaptation Survey, with Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND GAIN) and BSR
  • Acting co-chair of the Valuation and Risk Management Affinity Group for National Climate Assessment Partner Network (NCA-net)
  • Book Chapter: “The Sustainability Blind Spot: A Method to Identifying Climate Risk and Engagement Opportunities in the Supply Chain,” in Implementing Triple Bottom-Line Sustainability into Global Supply Chains, GreenLeaf Publishing. (Forthcoming in 2016)

Educational Partnerships

We partner with educational institutions to develop and offer training courses on climate adaptation and business resilience. The courses can be stand-alone or part of a larger curriculum.

Recent Courses

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