Online Tools and Data Portals

Climate Change Data Repositories

iriInternational Research Institute for Climate and Society’s Data Library
An online data repository and analysis tool with extensive datasets, forecasts, and intuitive, user-friendly maps for events like drought and El Nino.

US Climate Data Initiative
data gov iconA collection of climate change-related datasets for data users and access to climate model output data from the US government.

NOAA Climate Data Center
noaa_logoThe US government’s main weather and climate data collection and research agency. Find historic and predictive interactive maps, tools, and data sets.

cal adapt iconAn online resource for climate change impact data with interactive tools, literature resources, and downloadable raw data sets.

World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal
Downscaled_Climate_DataAn excellent resource with interactive maps and data on climate change impacts and vulnerability.

Climate Change Adaptation

gtown tool icon

Georgetown State Adaptation Progress Tracker
A visual representation and checklist of current US state adaptation plans and implementation with detailed outlines and links to documentation.

ndgain icon

Notre-Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN)
A unique country-level index and interactive tool comparing the relative vulnerability and readiness of countries.

center for clobal dev icon

Mapping the Impacts of Climate Change (Center for Global Development)
An interactive map with filterable indicators of income, risk, and location.

California Resources for Sustainability CARES Inventory
cares iconA searchable collection of online sustainability tools, reports, guides, and case studies.

WRI CAIT Equity Explorer
climate explorer iconA tool illustrating global climate change equity by graphically comparing national indicators such as emissions, level of development, vulnerability to climate impacts, mitigation potential, and benefits of climate action.

Sea Level Rise

ocof icon

Our Coast, Our Future: Flood Map
An interactive map of the San Francisco Bay Area showing the effects of sea level rise and weather events.

NOAA Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer
noaa_logoA clear visualization of sea level rise from climate change for the continental United States, including vulnerability, flood frequency, marsh coverage, direct sea level rise, and prediction confidence.

Climate Central’s Surging Seas
fb-imageA resource for sea level rise featuring maps and charts, as well as forecasts and reports of various US states and cities detailing predicted sea level rise through 2100.

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