Government: Assessing Community Climate Risks and Building Resilience

Adapting successfully to a changing climate requires customized solutions and guidance, and expertise that speaks to local opportunities and challenges.

Building community resilience is a complex and iterative process. Four Twenty Seven provides climate adaptation consulting services to help local, regional and state governments identify climate risks and vulnerabilities, overcome barriers and leverage opportunities to build resilience. We offer products and services customized to the needs of your agency and your stakeholders that address climate risk assessment and adaptation issues at any scale.


Climate Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Climate Adaptation Policy and Planning

Benchmarking, Evaluation, and Capacity Building

Recent Projects


Public Data for the Public Good

White House Climate Data Initiative

Working with sustainability professionals in health organizations brought to our attention the challenge of effectively communicating how climate change impacts hospital operations and demand for health services. To address this issue, we developed an award-winning web application through our commitment to the White House Climate Data Initiative, focused on climate change impacts on public health.

Our Heat and Social Inequality application provides public health practitioners with a series of interactive maps that tell the story of heat vulnerability at the county level.  The maps can be used to discuss climate change impacts on public health with doctors, nurses and other professionals in the healthcare sector, and to engage communities to help improve local preparedness ahead of heat events in the short- and long-term.

This application received first prize in the ESRI Human Health & Climate Change App Challenge. See a demo video and learn more about heat vulnerability in your county.


Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Planning

County of Alameda Waste Management Authority

Recent legislation (SB 379) in California calls on local jurisdictions to integrate climate adaptation and resilience considerations into local hazard mitigation planning. In a project funded by StopWaste, Four Twenty Seven identified climate hazards for critical assets in five cities in Alameda County, and is helping cities develop cost-effective adaptation policies. The cities will integrate the findings in their Local Hazard Mitigation Plans, General Plans and/or Climate Action Plans.

Four Twenty Seven worked with its partner Vizonomy to develop a climate hazard visualization tool that provides cities with user-friendly, interactive access to climate risk data and supports the hazard mitigation planning process.


Flood Risk and Public Health Impacts

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Flooding caused by extreme storms, storm surge, and sea level rise are anticipated to have a wide range of direct and indirect impacts on the health and well-being of San Francisco’s communities. The city’s Department of Public Health (SF DPH) conducted an assessment of the health implications of floods caused by storms and sea level rise. Four Twenty Seven built on this methodology to develop an interactive online tool that displays indicators and data related to the public health impacts of floods in San Francisco.

The Flood Risk Tool is helping SF DPH raise awareness about these public health risks and highlight how to reduce risks, especially for San Francisco’s most vulnerable populations.

Our award-winning solutions blend climate science, policy insights and economic modeling to inform climate-resilient decision-making. Contact Yoon Kim, Director of Advisory Services, at or 415.930.9090.

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